Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Floratine provides a proprietary soil evaluation system on an exclusive basis that provides one of the most accurate and comprehensive soil evaluation in the industry today.

Water Report ExampleSoil Report Example

First, Harris Laboratories — an accredited lab that is known to be one of the most accurate and consistent labs in the world — performs the standard exchangeable soil test. This test reports on the chemical components found in the soil, which are gathered by chemical extraction (i.e. strong acids). Then Harris performs a test known as a water extraction or soluble paste test. This method uses water, not acids, to extract the nutrients and is a more accurate predictor of plant nutrient availability.

After the testing is completed at Harris Laboratories, the data is forwarded to Analysis International™ for interpretation. They have pioneered the Ana-Lync™ soil evaluation system. Ana-Lync uses an extensive system of comparative databases to regionalize the soil evaluation, taking into account various soil, water, and environmental conditions.

Ana-Lync then builds a model that can accurately predict outcomes in many critical areas by using the information from both testing methods. This combined approach to understanding your soil allows the Floratine customer to see his/her soil in a more complete or 3 dimensional light.

By doing this, one can look at the impact of the soil on all facets of plant growth, health and durability.