Floratine - First in Foliar

Floratine Products Group is a pioneer in the field of foliar feeding and plant nutrition to proactively address and maintain plant health. For more than 20 years, Floratine has practiced and continues to perfect foliar application methods to combat turfgrass stresses and diseases. Floratine Foliars alleviate troublesome turf challenges, strengthening turf so it can resist day-to-day stress and stay healthy.

Floratine Foliars do not contain non-beneficial, agricultural or uility-grade nutrients (Chlorides, Hydroxies, Acetates) or synthetic chelates (EDTA, HEDTA, etc). If a nutrition product contains these ingredients, foliar uptake may be significantly inhibited and may cause stress to your turf and less than desirable results.

Floratine is a company managed by former superintendents and experts in agronomy. Its main goal is to help turf professionals with new solutions to old problems and simpler ways to tackle turf issues.

The key to Floratine's products is simple - only the finest and purest raw ingredients are used in the development of our products. We know stressed turf does not need the extra challenge of processing less- than-optimal ingredients to survive.