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Quad K
Quad K is a proprietary formulation of highly concentrated soluble potassium compounds powered by root exudate technology. NUTRIENT ANALYSIS
Soluble Potash (K2O) 45.00%
Derived from potassium sulfate and potassium citrate.
Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the Internet at
44 lb (20 kg) pail
PotassiumKAt. Wt. 39.09
Professional Use Guidelines


It is recommended to “pre-slurry” material with warm water prior to addition to the spray tank (order of addition #2). If Quad K is not “pre-slurried”, it must be the first item introduced into the spray tank (order of addition #1). Slowly add Quad K to the point of greatest agitation turbulence. Do not add more than 1 pail to 300 gal (1200 L) of water in the spray tank. Do not allow the mixture to sit without agitation. Apply with any equipment that delivers the desired amount of material to the target area. Spray equipment will ideally have screens and strainers with openings of 50 mesh or larger. Lightly water in immediately after application to prevent a light residue from forming on the grass blades.


Apply 22 lb/acre (0.5 lb / 1000 sq ft) (20 kg/ha).


Do not tank mix Quad K with any product(s) until compatibility has first been established by using the standard jar test method.of the total spray volume to be applied.