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Pathfinder Blue
Pathfinder Blue is a non-toxic and environmentally safe spray pattern indicator. Professional Use Guidelines


Pathfinder Blue is intended for use as a spray tank companion with herbicides and other pesticides so that the area sprayed is temporarily, clearly identified. Normally, the visual evidence of the exact spray pattern manifests itself as darker green foliage. The individual packets are made from a water-soluble material. Simply toss the packet into the spray tank at a point of agitation. The packet will totally dissolve in a few seconds and is compatible with all spray application equipment. Pathfinder Blue should be added to the spray tank after all other chemicals. This material has the potential to stain wood, concrete, tile, and various other porous surfaces. If unwanted contact occurs on any surface, wash off immediately with clean water.


Generally, use one pack per 100 gal (400 L) of water. Higher rates may be required if trying to mask certain pesticides. When small tanks are used or if a single pack makes the spray too dark, dilute one pack in a gallon (4 L) of water and add the liquid to spray tank until desired tint is obtained.

Net Weight: 10 x 4 oz (114 g) packets