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ModipHy is a turfgrass water treatment tool and conditioner for the reduction of bicarbonates for improving water-soil penetration and interaction. It releases nutrients tied up by high pH soils, therefore it improves soil quality and reduces soil layering. Nutrient Analysis
Nitrogen (N) 15.00%
Sulfur (S) 15.00%
Derived urea sulfate.
Net Weight: 12.31 lb/gal (1.48 kg/L)
Professional Use Guidelines


Increase the rate of acid as needed to reach pH 6.5.

Irrigation Water pH     Amount Needed
gal / 10,000 gal of water
8.5 and above1.25 – 1.5
8.0 to 8.51.0 – 1.25
7.5 to 8.00.75 – 1.0
6.8 to 7.40.5 – 0.75