North American product sheets shown. Product availability varies by country. Please see your Floratine distributor for details.

Free 15

Free 15 is a soluble powder concentrate designed for use on all fine turf areas such as golf courses, athletic playing fields, etc.
Professional Use Guidelines


Free 15 should be thoroughly dissolved and dispersed in the spray tank prior to the addition of other spray components. In some instances it may be desirable to pre-mix (slurry) in a separate vessel prior to the addition to the spray tank. Lightly water in. When thatch accumulation is a consideration, material must be watered enough to pass through thatch to the soil. A pre-application light spiking of the thatch layer is recommended.


Apply 6.92 lb (4 containers) / acre (6.24 kg (8 containers) / ha) every two to three weeks during the active growing season. Recommended during rooting or stress periods,like “grow-in”, overseeding, and after aerification.


Although Free 15 mixes well with a wide array of products, it should not be applied with pesticides as some product efficacy could be lost under some conditions. Since mixing compatibility is greatly influenced by local water sources, compatibility should be checked using the standard jar test prior to tank mixing. For best mixing results, remove tank strainer prior to product addition.

Net Weight: 1.73 lb/jug (0.77 kg/jug)