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Eon 75

Eon 75 is a granular soil optimizer with perhaps the highest concentration of purified humic acids. Eon 75 may increase uptake of micronutrients. NUTRIENT ANALYSIS
Humic Acids 75.00%
Derived from leonardite.
Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the Internet at
Net Weight: 22 lb/pail (10 kg/pail)
Professional Use Guidelines


Apply with any equipment that delivers an even coverage to the targeted area. Eon 75 may be mixed with top dress sand applications or blended with granular fertilizers and Pro's Choice Ceramic Granules.


Apply Eon 75 at the rate of 1 lb / 1000 sq ft (44 lb/acre) (50 kg/ha). First application may be applied any time of the year. For long term best results apply in the spring and again in the fall before irrigation is stopped. Additional benefits will be obtained when Eon 75 is used during aerification.

Remediation of Over Application of Any Phytotoxic Agents: Eon 75 can neutralize excessively applied materials in error. The effective rate is 2 lb / 1000 sq ft (88 lb/acre) (100 kg/ha) followed by a thorough flush.


Eon 75 is compatible with all Floratine soil products. It is also compatible with all dry granular fertilizers, top dressed sands, and Pro’s Choice Ceramic Granules.