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Defensive Nutrition Supplement

Defense-Man is designed to help correct identified manganese deficiencies in the soil.
Nutrient Analysis
Magnesium (Mg) 0.50%
Manganese (Mn) 25.00%
Derived from magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate and citric acid.
Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the Internet at
4 x 1.6 lb (0.7kg) jugs
32 lb (14.5 kg) pail
ManganeseMnAt. Wt. 54.94
Professional Use Guidelines


Open container that is partially filled with soluble concentrated powder. Top off container with water leaving enough head space to agitate (warm water is better). Replace cap and shake vigorously. Add to agitating spray tank. Apply with any type equipment that delivers an even spray pattern to the target area. Lightly water in immediately after application.


Extreme soil deficiencies should be corrected over a period of time with several applications. Frequent soil testing is recommended to ascertain soil manganese levels and to maintain manganese at desired levels. For actively growing turf, apply 3.2 lb/acre (2.8 kg/ha) every 4-6 weeks as needed. Do not apply to turf under heavy stress.


Defense-Man is tank mix compatible with many systemic fungicides, insecticides, and nutrient solutions. Jar test when in doubt. Defense-Man will tend to dramatically lower the pH of the spray solution. For best mixing results, remove tank strainer prior to product addition.